​10% of my yearly profits go to non-profit organizations that specialize in supporting mothers/babies/families both locally and internationally! 

2022- Compassion International, Warren Village, Seasons Midwifery Start Up Fund

Birth Be Blessed Birth Services

Jessica Potter, CLD, CCCE          

Doula Care Package  $1400   

  • 1-2 prenatal in-person visits to go over birth plan, preferences, ask questions, etc.
  • Accesss to resources related to pregnancy, labor and postpartum to supplement classes you may already be taking
  • Virtual support prior to labor 
  • Up to 15 hours of physical labor support during labor* 
  • Back-up doula for those "just in case" situations    
  • Postpartum visit to process the birth and address questions or concerns regarding the transition to parenthood, feeding, healing, etc.

 As your doula, my services begin during pregnancy, when we meet during our prenatal meetings to discuss your vision you have for your birth and the choices that are important to you.  I remain available via phone and email to assist you with questions, referrals, encouragement and support.  You also will have access to resources on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period. 

​When your baby's birth day arrives, I am there for labor support whenever you feel you need an extra hand, whether that be at your home or your place of birth.  I remain with you throughout your labor and delivery for up to 15 hours,*  offering encouragement, advocacy, positioning, comfort techniques and breastfeeding support​I keep detailed notes of your birthing experience and will provide those to you in the first few days postpartum.  Upon my departure, I leave you with a new mommy and baby care package to help ease your way into the first week of having baby home. 

​For your delivery, I will also have lined up a back-up doula, just in case of those unexpected life hiccups or for very long labors so that your support will be continuous no matter the situation.

​Following your delivery, I arrange a postpartum visit with you where we go over your birth experience and discuss your postpartum healing and adjusting.  I am available for breastfeeding support, and will help encourage the parenting team and support people in your life as you embark on this new journey!

* 95% or more of my clients do not end up needing more than 15 hours of physical support,  but if more hours are needed, this can be arranged at $50 per additional hour