Birth Be Blessed Birth Services

#3: ​Decision making in labor and 
medical options and interventions 

#4: The postpartum period 

#​1: Stages and phases of labor, milestones, and what to expect

#2:  Comfort measures and positions for labor 

​​​Jessica Potter, CLD, CCCE          

Childbirth Classes

​Learn all about the journey of childbirth in either a private or small group setting with flexible scheduling options.  Topics are coverered through interactive discussion, PowerPoint, videos and handouts to help engage all different learning styles, including time for Q&A. 

I am a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator, and teach both privately and at Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO.

 Select from the list of topics below to customize a childbirth

class to fit your needs and schedule!  Each topic/unit is around

1 to 1.5 hours, and can be done virtually

via through an interactive meeting platform online, or can be 
done privately in-person.  Group classes may be available 

occasionally as well.

Virtual classes: $50 (1 session, 1-2 topics)

In-Person private classes at your home: $100 (1 session, 1-2 topics)

Pricing for group classes depends on availability, meeting space, 

and number of birthing parents

​Selection of Topics