Birth Be Blessed Birth Services

Jessica Potter, CLD, CCCE          

Birth is a blessed event.​

It ushers in a baby, but a family as well.  ​​It is my goal to support birthing parents and their partners to have a positive experience encompassing the physical, emotional, and informational aspects of birth, along with personalized care that is needed to navigate the life-changing event of childbirth and the postpartum. I want expecting parents to feel empowered to make the decisions that best fit their family and specific situation.  In working with the care team, I strive to uphold a high degree of professionalism and respect to promote a positive birthing environment.

Over the last 14 years, I have had the honor of supporting over 400 families, a role I feel blessed to be a part of, each and every time.   

​Memberships and Certifications

​CAPPA Certified Labor Doula

CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator

​Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula

Spinning Babies Certification

  ​​My Experience Includes:

 Hospital births     Birth center births     Home birth     Hospital transfers     Unmedicated birth     Medicated birth     High risk​     Prolonged labor​     Breech birth     Premature birth     Assisted delivery

​ Vaginal birth after Cesarean​     Twins     IVF     Adoption     LBGQT Families