Birth Be Blessed Doula Care

       Jessica Potter, CLD -- Labor Doula
Serving Denver, CO and surrounding metro areas

Birth is a blessed event.
It brings not only a baby into the world, but a new family as well. 

It is my goal to help moms-to-be and their partners start the journey in having the birth experience that they desire.   I do this by providing physical, informational, and emotional support as each mom looks forward to the birth of her baby.  I seek to help moms feel empowered to make the decisions that best fit their desires and needs in a way that is personal, practical, and professional.

Research shows that having a doula present at a birth lowers the chances for medical interventions and the need for medication, as well as a better sense of empowerment and positive feelings towards the overall birth experience. 

I would be honored to be a part of your upcoming birth.  Feel free to explore my site to find out more regarding the services I provide, or contact me directly. 

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